“Research suggests that physical and mental development takes place when kids sleep-both at night and during the day,”

I have personally seen, my neighbor kids- the 1st kids sleep throughout night and take 3-4 hrs nap during his first 4 years. The 2nd child, not a good sleeper. The 1st child is very bright and tall. The second child is active, not as smart as the 1st child. I learned this when my daughter is 5 year.
Every child needs to sleep more, play more and eat more.

Happy Napping

Do: Aim to stick to the same nap routine each day, but be flexible on special occasions.

Don’t: Wait until your child is asleep to put him down in his crib or bed.

Do: Encourage your baby to sleep in her own crib or bed for naps after she’s 2 months old.

Don’t: Keep your child up too late at night, which will interfere with his daytime sleep.

Do: Keep her room as quiet and dark as possible.

Age: 3 mos.

# of Naps: 3-4

Duration: 2-4 hrs.

Age: 6 mos.

# of Naps: 2

Duration: 1-3 hrs.

Age: 12-18 mos.

# of Naps: 1-2

Duration: 1 hr. morning and/or 1-3 hrs. afternoon

Age: 2-3 years

# of Naps: 1

Duration: 1-3 hrs. early afternoon

Age: 4-5 years

# of Naps: 1


Age: 5-6 years

# of Naps: 0-1

Duration: 1 hr. sleep or quiet time



About fromandforkids

I am a professional recruiter and mom of a bright, energetic 5 year old daughter. Cause for this blog:- like any other parent I always hunt for lessons, articles which is useful for my Daughter, so I thought my collections could be useful for moms like me.

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