About Strong Kids: Emotional Strength Training Introduce students to the Strong Kids curriculum

1. Understanding Your Feelings
Teach students to identify comfortable and uncomfortable feelings, and to increase their emotional vocabulary
Focus on appropriate ways to express various feelings

2.Dealing With Anger Teach students to understand and manage anger
3. Understanding Other People’s Feelings Development of empathy skills, or ability to identify feelings that other people may have
4. Clear Thinking
Teach students strategies to identify negative and maladaptive thinking patterns and common thinking errors
Techniques for dispelling irrational negative thoughts and replacing them with more realistic and constructive cognitions
5. The Power of Positive Thinking Teach students more strategies to offset negative thinking styles, and to use an optimistic style of approaching problems
6. Solving People Problems Teach students to solve interpersonal problems and deal with conflicts effectively and without violence
7. Letting Go of Stress How to identify stressors, cognitive and behavioral strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and worries
8. Behavior Change: Setting Goals and Staying Active Teach students basic steps for setting and achieving realistic goals, and strategies for increasing positive and appropriate activities


About fromandforkids

I am a professional recruiter and mom of a bright, energetic 5 year old daughter. Cause for this blog:- like any other parent I always hunt for lessons, articles which is useful for my Daughter, so I thought my collections could be useful for moms like me.

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