This is the age where you need extra attention.

They will be super excited to learn new things. So invest in good time for your kids.

Research have proven
1, Kids watch PBS kids — Sesame street has more IQ. It is proved by Harved medical students. and
2, Kids who start early school has more I.Q
3, Kids who participate in music has more advantage.

This is the time to join preschool and music class.

Most kids will be talking by this time. Read at least 30minutes a day increase their vocabulary and I.Q by 20%.

Links for this age group:
Raising Children : This website is a great source to know growth development for age group.

Cafemom: This is awesome website, to connect with mom in your area or kids with same birth month and year club, or your interest on any parenting topic. I strongly recommend every one to join.


About fromandforkids

I am a professional recruiter and mom of a bright, energetic 5 year old daughter. Cause for this blog:- like any other parent I always hunt for lessons, articles which is useful for my Daughter, so I thought my collections could be useful for moms like me.

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